The virtual venue

Kraftarena provides a unique solution, transforming any event to a virtual one. Participants are actively involved in the program with real-time interaction.

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We have created a hybrid venue, capable of hosting conferences, award ceremonies, team building events, workshops, trainings, product presentations and shows, recalling the community experience of in-person events solely with the help of technology.

Kraftarena is guaranteed to enchant online attendees revealing new horizons for organizers, as the solution allows guests to partake from anywhere in the world.

We complement live moderation and presentation with virtual content that appears on the stage backdrop. In addition to customised animations and presentations, the content can combine live video streaming of any individual to be mirrored onto the main backdrop much like a guest that walks onto the stage followed by a spot light.

The arena is populated with screens displaying up to 72 online attendees who are able to interact with the events happening on the stage. Custom designs and a wide variety of scenery can be created to enhance the visual impact.
Furthermore, Kraftarena has been developed and designed to suit tailor made brand requests.

The varied combination of camera settings, real-time online video content, the live act, and the whole 3D virtual set, unitedly creates a new generation of online events at Kraftarena.

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