Did you know that interest in Virtual Events has increased by 2400%, just in April?
(Google Trends)

No wonder you’re fed up with offers flowing in from thousands of online platforms and applications amid the uncertainty caused by in-person events cancellations.

We all know that nothing can replace the experience of live meetings. Still, there is no doubt we need to temporarily apply solutions that were previously the most typical online add-ons to in-person events.

The uniqueness of every occasion remained our belief, so instead of preferring an application, we have always chosen a technology that is befitted to the specific need. We achieve all this along with developing a content-based strategy and creative concept that serves our clients goals.

Do you like this approach? If so, you’ll love it even more when you realize all the trouble we’re taking off your shoulders.

Teamed up with carefully selected technology partners, Kraftwerk offers full service support, guiding you through your event lifecycle.

  • Research (Competitive analysis, Event calendar)
  • Conceptualization (Design, Content strategy, Wireframe)
  • Project management (Dedicated project team, Live support)
  • Partner management (Evaluation, Selection, Managing)
  • Contributor management (Training speakers, Handling uploads, Live moderation)
  • Measurement (Conversion rates, Activations, Reports)

Sparked your interest? Curious how you can take advantage of virtual events or want to know how to maintain user engagement during an online conference?

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